Modern Day Learning™

Businesses are evolving rapidly, and so are the training needs. Traditional training tools are not sufficient alone to fulfill the training and development needs of tomorrow’s businesses. Our modern learning solutions help today’s businesses transform into learning organizations of tomorrow.

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Are these some of your challenges?


How to train and improve a large, distributed and diverse workforce?


How do students acquire necessary skills rapidly and cost-effectively to gain the employment they aspire for?


How to reduce cost of training while increasing fit to the job?

Modern Day Learning™

Our Modern Day Learning™ solutions help businesses and learners meet these challenges and helps businesses transform into learning organizations of tomorrow.

Learning Simulations

Learning by DOING rather than learning to KNOW. Train by focusing on building real life skills in fail safe life like environments. Gain useful insights not possible in any other form of training.

Serious Games

PLAY hard, LEARN Hard! Sometimes regular learning just does not cuts it. Works perfectly well when you need to develop motor memory skills and cultivate behavioral conditioning.

Video Based Training

Learn MORE in LESS time. Use anchored and non-anchored Video Based Trainings (VBT) to rapidly train your workforce cost effectively. A much more effective and rapid way of training your workforce as compared to traditional WBTs.

Defense Training Simulations

Defense Training Simulators

Planning, strategy and execution training for defense personnel.

Process Training Simulations

Process Training Simulators

Business process simulations for maximum learning effectiveness.

Strategy Games

Strategy Games

Virtual business building games. Suitable for teaching corporate values.

Functional Games

Functional Games

Map business process to games. Effective ways to increase efficiency.

Learn6™ – Experience Work.. Digitally!™


Use our Simulation Based Training (SBT) products to train your workforce and make them productive from day one.

Branch Banking Training Simulator

SBT for branch banking operations. Includes both teller and CSO processes.

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Call Center Training Simulator

SBT for call center executives.

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We would love to hear from you, whether you have a need or just want to chat about how Learning Simulations and Serious Games are changing the way we learn today.

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Founded in 2010, Atelier Learning is proud winner of Power of Ideas and an incubated company of Center for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship (CIIE), IIM - Ahmadabad. The investment is funded by Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. Atelier is also founding member of National Association for Simulations and Serious Games (NASSG), India. Atelier is a Microsoft Bizspark company.


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